38 Dog Treat - Biscuit Recipes

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I was posting a recipe a few days ago and realized I hadn't posted anything for my four legged sidekick, Maggie, in ages. The older she gets, the pickier she gets, so I find myself browsing pinterest pretty often for dog treats {Follow my pet board for my treat pins}. When choosing dog treat recipes, my criteria is natural & healthy. 

Maggie has a special fondness for chicken and peanut butter, so I try to find treats that work within this narrow range of preference. Occasionally, she surprises me and eats something I think only a cat would eat. What, you ask? Well, I switched her dry food to Pure Balance {Salmon & Pea}, and she loves it! Honestly, I thought her friends Fox, Scully, and Noah would end up eating the entire bag, as they don't have a picky bone in their bodies. Dogs. Totally unpredictable. That's part of their charm.

Dangerous Ingredients
Check out these articles on what to NEVER feed your dog.

Have you made any treats lately? What recipes are your favorite? Is there an ingredient that your dog A: Loves, or B: Loathes?

 Dog Treat - Biscuit Recipes

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