Easy Raspberry Hot Chocolate Recipe

Easy Raspberry Hot Chocolate | Becky Cooks Lightly
Hot Chocolate and raspberries. How deliciously lovely. Some of my favorite recipes pair the two. Here are a few that I eat like a pig at trough adore .

*Chocolate Covered Katie: Raw Chocolate Raspberry Mini Fudge Cake

Eat now, thank me later.

Chocolate and raspberries also play nice with others.

pair with chocolate
*chocolate + lemon
*chocolate + blueberry
*chocolate + zucchini
*chocolate + cinnamon
*chocolate + lemongrass
*chocolate + nutmeg
*chocolate + mint
*chocolate + orange
*chocolate + strawberry

pair with raspberries
*raspberry + lemon
*raspberry + coconut
*raspberry + thyme
*raspberry + vanilla
*raspberry + nectarine
*raspberry + ginger

I collect a lot of hot beverage recipes, mainly to warm up on cold winter days, but occasionally I drink them on rainy summer days. Here's one I previously blogged about: Cup of Cinnamon Cappuccino from Weight Watchers' Simply the Best : 250 Prizewinning Family Recipes. It has an old points value of 2. You may also want to check out my post for mocha coffee mix. It's a gift in a mug recipe, which I totally love.

This Raspberry Hot Chocolate Recipe comes from a Kindle French Vegetarian cookbook, which I downloaded for free (always check out those free book deals - they change daily). Some of the ingredients have healthier options.

Healthier Favored Syrup option:
Make your own with raspberries, sugar and water. Check out Tori Avey's recipe for Homemade Raspberry Syrup and Annie's Eats for DIY Flavored Syrups.

Heavy Cream or Half and Half option: 
10 Homemade Healthy Coffee Creamers, by Rural Spin
Homemade, Vegan Coffee Creamer, by Choosing Raw
Healthy Substitute For Heavy Cream, by Livestrong
Heavy Cream Substitute, by New Health Guide (great article on options)

Raspberry Hot Chocolate

  • 6 ounces milk chocolate, finely chopped
  • ¾ cup whole milk
  • ¼ cup heavy cream (or half and half) -see above for healthy option
  • ¼ cup unsweetened cocoa powder
  • 2-3 tablespoons raspberry flavored syrup -see above for healthy option
  • crystallized ginger, for garnish (optional)
1) Mix first four ingredients together in a saucepan and put over moderately low temperature setting. Then whisk from time to time for approximately 2 minutes or until chocolate melts.

2) Continue cooking, whisking from time to time or until mixture becomes smooth and slightly thick. Then take away from heat and blend in raspberry syrup.

3) Use ginger as topping if you choose.