30 Free Vintage Apron Patterns

Free Vintage Apron Patterns
  1. Bee In My Bonnet : One Yard Apron (This gorgeous pattern is no longer free, but I've added an additional pattern at the end of this post.)
    One Yard Apron
  2. Art Gallery Fabrics: Spice-It-Up Apron
    Spice-It-Up Apron
  3. Sew 4 Home: Vintage Style Apron
  4. Fleece Fun: Thankful Apron Pattern
    Thankful Apron Pattern vintage
  5. Craft Gossip: Flirty Apron with Heart Shaped Pockets
    Flirty Apron with Heart Shaped Pockets
  6. Craft Foxes: Vintage Apron
    Vintage Apron
  7. Sew 4 Home: Vintage Modern Pleated Apron
    Vintage Modern Pleated Apron
  8. Miss Sews-It-All: One Yard "Use-it-all" Apron Pattern
    One Yard "Use-it-all" Apron Pattern
  9. Cotton & Curls: Easy Ruffle Apron
    Easy Ruffle Apron
  10. Bijou Lovely: Mostly Vintage Apron Pattern
    Mostly Vintage Apron Pattern
  11. Flamingo Toes: An Apron for the Fair
    An Apron for the Fair
  12. Windham Projects: Berry Good Cocktail Apron
    Berry Good Cocktail Apron
  13. 7 Layer Studio: Reversible Cafe Apron
    Reversible Cafe Apron
  14. Whoopsie Daisies: Pretty Vintage Pillowcase Turns Cafe Apron
    Pretty Vintage Pillowcase Turns Cafe Apron
  15. Sew Retro Chic: Simple Ruffled Apron
    Simple Ruffled Apron
  16. Sugar Bee Crafts: Full Apron Tutorial 2
    Full Apron Tutorial 2
  17. Flamingo Toes: Colorful Vintage Handkerchief Apron
    Colorful Vintage Handkerchief Apron
  18. What The Craft: Half Apron
    Simple Vintage Half Apron
  19. The Vintage Pattern Files: 1940's & 1950's Sewing - Sixteen Full Aprons
     1940's & 1950's Sewing - Sixteen Full Aprons
  20. Glitter, Vinyl and Thread: Vintage Pillowcase Apron
    Vintage Pillowcase Apron
  21. Lark Crafts: Stash Happy
    Stash Happy Vintage Apron
  22. The Seasoned Homemaker: Clothespin Apron
    Clothespin Apron
  23. Pleasant View Schoolhouse: Tailored Linen Apron
    Tailored Linen Apron
  24. Create & Decorate: Annie's Apron
    Annie's Apron
  25. The Bold Abode: A Bold Apron
    A Bold Apron
  26. Embroidery Library: Vintage Apron
    Vintage Apron
  27. Little Birdie Secrets: Pillowcase Apron with Towel Tutorial
    Pillowcase Apron with Towel Tutorial
  28. Butterflies and Hurricanes: The Judith Apron
    The Judith Apron
  29. Craft Bits: Vintage Handkerchief Apron
    Vintage Handkerchief Apron
  30. Sew 4 Home: Half Apron with Matching Hot Pads
    Retro Half Apron with Matching Hot Pads
  31. Craptastic: Anthropologie Apron
    Anthropologie Apron

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  1. Wow! What a great list!! I love aprons and some of these are so adorable. Looking forward to trying them! :)

  2. Becky, I would REALLY love to purchase your #7 Vintage Modern Pleated Apron pattern. Is it still available? Fingers crossed! Linda

    1. I found the pattern at this address:

  3. I love the pink and the green one. Becky, can you suggest a place to buy that?
    Backpack diaper bag to keep your kids stuff.