25 Granola Recipes {For A Healthy Breakfast!}

25 Granola Recipes {For A Healthy Breakfast} | Becky Cooks Lightly
Granola is my favorite breakfast. There's such a variety of ingredients. Coconut. Chocolate. Lavender. Honey. Lemon. Blueberry. Just any ingredient you can think up can be added to granola

And of course, if you consider yourself a health addict {My name is Becky, and I eat granola *sob*}, then you've made the right breakfast choice. If you're interested in the nitty gritty details about why it's good for you, Jillian Michaels' has a great article, Why Is Granola Healthy?

If you're not a health addict, you'll still love granola.Why? Because it's one of the easiest things you can make. And why pay $5+ for a box with a few bites of granola when you can make it at home for so much less?

Granola just makes life easier in so many ways. Here is my list of favorite granola recipes from around the web. What ingredients do you like to add to homemade granola?

Granola Recipes

1. A Feast For The Eyes:
    10 Minute Healthy Granola
A Feast For The Eyes | 10 Minute Healthy Granola

2. Amy's Healthy Baking:
    Double Chocolate Brownie Granola
Amy's Healthy Baking | Double Chocolate Brownie Granola

3. Babe + Bird: 
Babe + Bird | Coconut Fig Quinoa Granola

4. Becky Cooks Lightly: 
    Brown Sugar Granola {Vegetarian}
Becky Cooks Lightly | Brown Sugar Granola {Vegetarian}

5. Bless This Mess: 
Bless This Mess | Healthy Honey Coconut Granola

6. Cow Crumbs: 
Cow Crumbs | Buckwheat Cocoa Crunch

7. Deliciously Ella: 
Deliciously Ella | Buckwheat and Ginger Granola

8. Dishing Up The Dirt: 
Dishing Up The Dirt | Blueberry Lemon Granola

9. Eat Real Healthy Food: 
Eat Real Healthy Food | Cinnamon Cranberry Granola

10. Food 4 Tots:
       Applesauce Granola
Food 4 Tots | Applesauce Granola

11.Kate's Shorts And Sweets:
      Banana Bread Granola
Kate's Shorts And Sweets | Banana Bread Granola

12. Key Ingredients:
        Honey-Lavender Granola
Key Ingredients | Honey-Lavender Granola

13.Kristine's Kitchen:
        Mocha Granola
Kristine's Kitchen | Mocha Granola

14.MJ And Hungry Man:
      Strawberry Coconut Granola
MJ & Hungry Man | Strawberry Coconut Granola

15.My Kitchen Addiction:
      Chocolate Cherry Granola
My Kitchen Addiction | Chocolate Cherry Granola

16.One Small Pot:
      Chocolate, Cranberry, and Pistachio Granola
One Small Pot | Chocolate, Cranberry, and Pistachio Granola

17.Our Paleo Life:
      Paleo Granola Crunch
Our Paleo Life | Paleo Granola Crunch

18.Running With Spoons:
      Vanilla Almond Butter Protein Granola
Running With Spoons | Vanilla Almond Butter Protein Granola

19.Sally's Baking Addiction: 
Sally's Baking Addiction | Vanilla Almond Granola

20.Scientifically Sweet: 
Scientifically Sweet | Honey Quinoa Clusters of Oats

21.Our Four Forks:
      Chocolate Brownie Granola
Our Four Forks | Chocolate Brownie Granola

      Mixed Grain Granola
TLT | Mixed Grain Granola

23.The Foodie Corner: 
The Foodie Corner | Chocolate Granola W/ Tahini & Honey

24.The Law Student's Wife: 
The Law Student's Wife | Plum Crunch Steel Cut Oats

25.Veggie's By Candlelight:
      Maple & Olive Oil Granola
Veggie's By Candlelight | Maple & Olive Oil Granola

Don't see your favorite granola recipe listed here? Leave a link or tell us about it in the comment section.