Everything Pots And Pans For Kitchen Nerds

Everything Pots & Pans For Kitchen Nerds #castironskillets

I completely admit to being a kitchen gadget hoarder. I'm particularly an avid hoarder of innovative pots and pans products. In the post below, you'll find all of my favorites. If you've got a favorite, feel free to share!

Favorite Pots & Pans Products

Cast Iron Lid
If you have a cast iron skillet, you need a lid. Right? Lodge makes lids in three sizes: 12 inch, 10.25, and 8.

Non-Stick Ceramic Fry Pan

I own a GreenLife pan, and I gotta say food really doesn't stick. Cleanup is ridiculously easy. I recommend checking out the whole GreenLife collection. They make everything from woks to cake pans.

Pan Scrapers

I really dislike the scratches left by steel wool and scratch pads. Lodge scrapers are designed to safely scrape pans without scratching.

Boil Over SafeGuard Lid

I received this lid for Christmas, and it works as advertised. The lid prevents boil-overs and fits openings with a 6" to 10" diameter. 

Silicone Hot Handle Holder

I think this is pretty nifty. The holder offers protection up to 450-degrees.

Universal Pot & Pan Lid 

Another Christmas gift, and I love it! The Kuhn Rikon Smart is a universal lid that can be set to trap steam in the pan or release it. Universal lids are terrific for small space kitchens like mine.

Heat-Resistant Gloves

There are a variety of cooking gloves available, but I use Gulife Oven Gloves for handling hot items in the kitchen. Every cook should have these!

Snap-In Strainer

The creator of this snap in strainer was a genius. It's practical and easier to store than the traditional strainers. It clips on a variety of pot sizes and bowls. Really a cool gadget to have in the kitchen.

Stove Top Popcorn Popper

This would make a great gift for popcorn lovers. It makes 5-quarts of popcorn in just a few minutes.

Multi Purpose Kitchen Tool

What's great about this tool, is it's versatility. It can be used as a trivets, pot holders, spoon rest, jar opener, or coaster. It's extremely heat resistant, and if it becomes worn or damaged, they'll replace it at no cost.

Cute Kitchen Set

I know...these aren't as practical as the oven gloves above, but everyone needs an attractive set of pot holders and oven mitts. Just cause.

Lid Organizer & Rack

So if you have a ton of lids, you need storage!  This door mounted pot lid rack is a space saver, and can also be attached to the back of a cabinet.

Pan Organizer & Rack

Stacking pans can lead to scratching, so I look for ways to organize without losing storage space in the cabinets. I like this free-standing kitchen pan rack (optional mounting hardware) because it's sturdy enough to hold cast iron pans.

Pot Pan Rack

I have a pot pan rack that is an absolute space saver, and it looks so attractive. If you're out of cabinet space, this is a nice option.

So kitchen nerds, what pots & pans products do you have in your kitchen?