31 Healthy Guacamole Recipes

healthy guacamole recipes
Ah, the avocado. Delicious villain. He's the villain with a heart, though. He's got fat, sure. But it's the good fat. And the calories, well let's not even discuss (234 per cup). However, the avocado has so many benefits. You can check all of them out here: The World's Healthiest Foods. Also, Health Magazine listed avocados on their list of Best Superfoods for weight loss. You can read the article here: Best Superfoods for Weight Loss - avocados.

Now that you're convinced that you must run out and buy avocados, what shall you make with them? One of my favorite things to make is guacamole. There are so many original and creative recipes out their on the web. Among my list you'll find guacamole recipes that are healthy, easy, unusual, vegan, paleo, quick, and inspiring. Here they are.

Best Healthy Guacamole Recipes

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These are my favorite healthy guacamole recipes from around the web. What are yours?