8 Kitchen Tools For Cooking Light

8 Kitchen Tools For Cooking Light

Healthy Eating begins with using the right tools. Whether you're making a delicious batch of strawberry lemon water or a steaming bowl of brown rice, you'll want a product that won't sabatoge your diet. Below is a list of my favorites. What's yours?

Fruit Infusion Pitcher

Enjoy flavor-infused beverages made naturally at home. This particular model is a Prodyne Fruit Infusion Pitcher, designed with a removable hollow rod that can be filled with fruits, citrus wedges, herbs, or savories and put back into the center of the pitcher. The pitcher may be continually refilled without having to replace the fruit.

Programmable Rice Cooker

Convenience makes this appliance a worthwhile investment. Simply put steel-cut oats and dried fruit in the cooker and set the timer for breakfast, then refill it with brown rice and set timer for dinner. This model is Zojirushi-NS-LAC05-Cooker-Warmer-Stainless.

Oil Sprayer

Oil sprayers offer the freedom to choose your own oil (olive, peanut, canola, grapeseed). A small amount of oil really goes a long way, which equals less fat and calories for you. I like the Norpro Stainless Steel Sprayer Mister because you can see when it is running out and needs a refill. Also, it looks nice on the kitchen counter.

Digital Nutrition Scale--Food &  Nutrient Calculator

Scales are a great tool for portion control. EatSmart goes a step beyond and calculates nutrients and portion size. Designed by a team of medical professionals, the EatSmart Digital Nutrition Scaleanalyzes the nutritional content of any food by portion size. The database stores the nutritional values for approximately 1,000 foods, which have been carefully selected to reflect fresh, whole foods Americans eat.

Meal Measure

The meal measure is another neat gadget that is helpful in weight management. It is easy to use and measures your food right on your plate.

Immersion Blender 

Blending brings out the rich flavor in ingredients without adding unwanted calories (think butter and cream). Hand blenders are also easier to use and store than the standard blender or food processor.

Lettuce Keeper

The lettuce keeper ensures that your fruit, lettuce, and vegetables stay fresher longer for up to 2 weeks. You can wash and store all in one since the container doubles as a colander. A water reservoir in the base keeps produce moist, and adjustable venting regulates air circulation and moisture. An extra divider is included for storing different types of produce and is conveniently stored underneath the lid when not in use.


Adding small amounts of flavorful ingredients by using the Microplane grater makes a meal taste delicious without adding unwanted calories, fat, or sugar. It is so easy to use!

So these are my favorite kitchen tools for cooking lightly in the kitchen. Please, feel free to share your favorites in the comment section below.