Organizing a Small Kitchen Pantry

Why do modern architects shun the kitchen, when they were once considered the heart of the home? My current residence has a very tiny kitchen, and therefore a very tiny pantry, but I remember a different time. My grandma, who has recently passed on, had the most welcoming kitchen in the world. It was the central focus of her house, and the entire family congregated there at all hours of the day and night. Life was quite poetic in that homely kitchen. I remember being perched on the kitchen window seat watching rabbits play in the side yard while the family drank their coffee. Yes, all of them together at the table! Sadly, that beautiful old house has since been torn down. All that remains are fond memories of times long since past.

Switching gears now, from sad to happy. Although space is typically scarce in modern kitchens, we have charming ladies like Marilyn Bohn to help utilize what little space we have. Marilyn is a professional organizer, and I really enjoyed the blog portion of her website.  Click HERE to check out her blog. You can also shop for various products on her site, and I also noticed that she has a relatively new book available on Amazon, Go Organize: Conquer Clutter in 3 Simple Steps. I checked out the reviews, and the purchasers were extremely happy with the book. If you have serious clutter issues, it may be worth checking out! Also, if you are watching your pennies, be sure and check out Amazon Coupon Codes. Now on to the video.