How to Choose Fresh Ginger

The Delicious Life
This week, I have chosen to shine the fresh produce spotlight on ginger. I love this spice!  Due to its incredible versatility, I have come across a wide-range of recipes calling for fresh ginger, everything  from soups to ginger ale. Traditionally used in Asian dishes, aromatic and spicy ginger also adds the perfect touch to fruit and vegetables. 

One of the appeals of this spice for me is the myriad of health benefits, and there are many.  It is effective for everything from gastrointestinal distress to fatigue relief. For a comprehensive list of health benefits,  visit

In this video, Chef Miki of Melissa's Produce, gives us the nitty gritty details on ginger.  I know you will be primed and ready to start using ginger right away, and you can find awesome ginger inspired recipes including Ginger Cookies, Fresh Fruit with Ginger, and Amber Ginger Ale under the Melissa's Recipes tab.