Baked Apples! Apple + Diet Dr Pepper

Granny Smith apple

My mum and I share a love for apple desserts, so it was quite delightful to find that a Granny Smith apple had inexplicably and mysteriously shown up in the crisper this morning. The Granny Smith Apple, named for orchardist Maria Ann (Granny) Smith, was originally developed from the seeds of French crab apples grown in Tasmania. Crab Apples? Really? Old Mary was a pioneer in the truest sense of the word.

Speaking of pioneers, Lisa Lillien, creator of the Hungry Girl Brand, manages to find the humor in cooking for hungry dieters. Again...really? The recipes are simple, delicious, and guilt-free. This recipe can be found in Hungry Girl 1-2-3.

Note: I am substituting the Rome variety with Granny Smith. 
E-How provides a list of additional apples that are appropriate for baking.

Per serving (1 medium apple plus 1/2 cup soda) approximately 95 calories, <0.5g fat

Baked Apple

1) First, puncture a cored apple several times with a fork and place in a baking dish.

2) Pour a half-cup of Diet Dr Pepper over and inside  of it.

3) The author suggests two cheats: add cinnamon and/or no-calorie sweetener before baking. I add both because "too sweet" isn't in my vocabulary.

4) Bake at 350° F for 45 minutes until soft. I bake my apple the entire 45 minutes.

5) Serve immediately. Wow! This apple is ugly!

This may be the easiest recipe ever and tasty too. Of course Mum, ever resentful of diet food, chooses to cover her baked apple with a huge dollop of whipped cream which she claims is fat-free. Sigh. I am eating mine as is---tastes like pie with no crust! You won't miss it. Dessert is served.

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