Update: I Finished!

 5k Finish Line-Muscogee (Creek) Nation Festival
The motto of our running group is, You can't start what you don't finish. On Saturday we finished!

This was my first race in four years, and it was so much fun. As you may have read in a previous post: The Hell That Is (Not) Getting In Shape, we only started the Couch to 5k routine 8 weeks ago, so I'm really proud of how far we've all come. When I injured my knee back in 2009, I was running a 5k in 29 minutes. I finished this run in 38:43, so that tells me I have some work to do. But this was such a great start! 
A few members of my fab running group
Next up for the running group is the Route 66 Marathon in November. I'll post our training routine as soon as we have one scheduled.

Happy running - jogging - walking!